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06-08-2015 GTO TEST

Group Discussion (GD)

Usually two topics of general interest are given by the GTO. Each candidate is supposed to express his views on the given topics. The time for discussion is 20 mins. After that the second topics is given to be discussed for about 15 mins.

How to participate

During choice of topic, try to prove that the topic of your choice is better and more important to discuss by giving relevance of the topic during GD.

  Must speak at least 4-6 times.

  Whenever you speak support your arguments with logic & facts.

  Take a pause and speak again after 2-3 candidates have spoken.

  Always look at the person who is speaking and listen attentively.

Candidates must improve general awareness by reading newspapers, magazines, internet, essay books & relevant TV programmes.

Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

  A story in which 4-5 problems, varying in their degree of gravity are explained on a sand / cloth model.

  Certain facilities and limitations are also mentioned.

  Reasonable assumptions may be made. Plan should be sensible. Candidates are given 10 mins to write their individual plan to overcome / handle the problems.

  The group has to then discuss for 15 mins and come to one common plan, after which one person gives the group plan.

  Candidates must actively participate, take others view and rationally help the group to arrive at a workable plan.

  You must try to narrate the plan on behalf of the group.

Outdoor Tasks

Outdoor tasks comprise PGT, GOR, HGT, IO, CT & FGT.

  The GTO tests the behavior of a candidate in a group where there is no Group Leader nominated.

  GTO observes the candidates for qualities like cooperation, group affinity, natural leadership, planning, initiative and task orientation.

  The tasks cannot be negotiated by an individual and need a group to cross it.

  The tasks are time bound and governed by some rules.

  Helping material like wooden plank, pole and rope are given.

Progressive Group Tasks (PGT)

  Comprising of four successive tasks.

  The degree of difficulty increases with each task.

  There is more than one solution for each task.

  Candidate must assert herself and simultaneously seek suggestions and advice of others.

  Candidate should observe the structures carefully and analyze their design & layout for possible solutions.

Group Obstacle Race (GOR)

  Commonly called Snake Race.

  It is in form of competition with other groups.

  The Group has to tackle 6 obstacles collectively, carrying a rolled up tent, called snake.

  Aim is to see your group cooperation, cohesiveness, physical agility and stamina.

  Does not involve any planning. Be active & show team-spirit.

Half Group Task (HGT)

  The group is divided into two (Approx 5 each)

  It has one task and same task is given to each group. (Generally level two task of PGT)

  Time allotted 10 mins.

  It gives more opportunity and exposures to each person.

  In case you could not do much in PGT this opportunity must be exploited.

Individual Obstacles

  10 obstacles to be completed in 3 mins.

  Every obstacle carries its own points / marks.

  Basically your physical agility, stamina, physical & mental courage are observed.

  The obstacles are not very tough. A candidate with average fitness can negotiate them. Improve your physical fitness. Practice pull ups & push ups.

Command Task

  Command Task is aimed at testing the leadership and command capabilities of candidates.

  The nature of obstacles and facilitating material remain the same.

  The only change is that one candidate is nominated as a formal leader, asked to choose his team, plans to negotiate the obstacle and finally executes the plan.

  The candidates judgment, planning and analytical capabilities are checked and his ability to get a task executed are also tested.

  The candidate must, therefore, choose his team carefully.

  Normally, the work should be got executed by the chosen candidates, but in case some part of obstacle negotiation needs his assistance, he should be ready to do so.

Final Group Task (FGT)

  Similar to PGT but only one task.

  Level of stage three of PGT.

  Time approx. 15 mins.

  GTO has a last look at the candidates to finally decide their results.

  You should be actively involved and give as many workable solutions as possible.

  Task could be frustrating, so keep your cool and mental balance.


  The GTO is testing the speaking skills speech of a candidate. He should be able to speak effectively, attract attention while he is talking, have a clear line of thinking.

  This candidate is given four topics of general nature.

  The candidates are required to select one topic, prepare for three minutes and then deliver the speech / topic on which he is fully confident of having enough knowledge and material to speak for three minutes.

  The views expressed should be balanced and extreme positions avoided.

  The clarity of thoughts and ideas must be ensured.

  Read newspapers, magazines, books to improve your general awareness.


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