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17-07-2015 Group Testing Obstacles(GTO)

Group Testing Obstacles (GTO)


This test contains following series of tasks:-

  • Group Discussion(GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise(GPE)
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Group Obstacle Race
  • Half Group Task
  • Lecturrete
  • Individual Obstacle
  • Command Task
  • Final group task

Group Discussion:


 The most important thing in the G.D is effective communication. To be an active member of the group, candidate should be able to put his point of view before the group and should make the group agree to his/her views as far as possible. For this a candidate’s communication skills should be effective to be able to influence the group. Topic will be based on social issues and current events.

Group planning exercise:

 It is an indoor task. All the participants are briefed about the task while they are sitting in a horse shoe formation with the map/modal placed between them.

Progressive group task:

 It is the first outdoor task. A set of four obstacles with progressively increasing level of difficulties are to be completed in 40 to 50 minutes. Structures, helping material and load are provided to the group.

Group obstacle race:-

 In this task the group is pitched against each other over a set of six obstacles with a snake like load to carry.

Half group task:-

 It has one obstacle similar to progressive group task with helping material and load to be carried. Group is divided into two Sub Groups and assigned the same obstacle in turn in such a way that when one group is working, the other is not allowed to watch it. Time allotted to each sub group is 15 minutes.


 It is an individual task and the candidate is required to give a short talk to the group. Three minutes are allowed to prepare any chosen topic from the four given in the Lecturette Cards for the talk.

Individual Obstacles:-

 A set of 10 obstacles is set to be tackled individually. Obstacles are numbered from one to ten, denoting the points each one carries. Each individual is given three minutes.

Command Task:-

Each individual is nominated as commander for one task consisting of one obstacle similar to the Progressive Group Task Time given is 15 minutes.

Final Group Task:-

Task consisting of one obstacle similar to the Progressive Group Task. Time given to complete this task is 15 - 20 minutes


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