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02-07-2014 QUESTION OF THE DAY (02-JULY-2015)

Ques. : 1   Greece made history in becoming first ever developed economy not to pay back the IMF on 30 Jun. The nation(s) which has/have failed to make their commitments to the IMF include(s)
1) Peru     2) Zambia
3) Sudan     4) Zimbabwe
5) All the above     

Ques. : 2   India and which of the following countries signed agreements including the double taxation avoidance treaty and ratification on the extradition treaty, recently, during the visit of the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj?
1) Thailand     2) Nepal
3) Mauritius     4) Vietnam
5) Bangladesh     

Ques. : 3   Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1 Jul launched the Digital India program. It comprises of various initiatives which include
1) Wi-Fi hotspots     2) Next Generation Network (NGN)
3) Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) app     4) eSign
5) All the above     

Ques. : 4   In a bid to revive dwindling interest in Test cricket, which of the following two teams will play the first day-night Test match in Adelaide later this year?
1) Australia and New Zealand     2) England and Australia
3) South Africa and Australia     4) India and Australia
5) None of these     

Ques. : 5   Which of the following Indian cities has won the United Nations Public Service Award 2015 in the category of improving delivery of public services recently? The city was declared as the first “open defecation free” district in country earlier.
1) Thrissur     2) Kollam
3) Belgaum     4) Nadia
5) Dhalai     

Ques. : 6   Anisa Rasouli was nominated as the first female judge to the Supreme Court in which of the following countries on 28 Jun?
1) Bangladesh     2) Iran
3) Pakistan     4) Afghanistan
5) Indonesia     


1. Answer:- 5) All the above
2. Answer:- 1) Thailand
3. Answer:- 5) All the above
4. Answer:- 1) Australia and New Zealand
5. Answer:- 4) Nadia
6. Answer:- 4) Afghanistan

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