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29-06-2014 QUESTION OF THE DAY (29-JUNE-2015)

Ques. : 1   Which of the following countries has been ranked on top of the Baseline Profitability Index (BPI) 2015?
1) India     2) US
3) China     4) Indonesia
5) Vietnam     

Ques. : 2   India has been ranked a lowly 143rd on Global Peace Index for 2015 released by the nonprofit Institute for Economics and Peace. The country which has topped the index is
1) Iceland     2) Norway
3) Sri Lanka     4) Nepal
5) Bhutan     

Ques. : 3   Mid-sized private sector lender Yes Bank plans to raise money through an ADR issue under its USD 1-bn capital infusion plan next fiscal. The term ADR stands for
1) Associated Depository Receipts     2) Accredited Depository Receipts
3) American Discounted Receipts     4) American Depository Receipts
5) None of these     

Ques. : 4   According to the data provided by the RBI to the Finance Ministry, which bank (with 21.5 per cent assets either bad or have been restructured to save them from turning non-performing assets (NPAs)) leads the NPA list as of now?
1) Punjab National Bank     2) Punjab & Sind Bank
3) United Bank of India     4) Indian Overseas Bank
5) Central Bank of India     

Ques. : 5   The Bank of Maharashtra and MUDRA Bank have signed an agreement to finance new entrepreneurs and small businesses. Which of the following is correct about the three categories of loans to be provided by the bank?
1) Shishu loan of up to Rs 50,000     2) Kishor loan above Rs 50,000 up to Rs 5 lakh
3) Tarun above Rs 5 lakh and up to Rs 10 lakh     4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 2)     

Ques. : 6   Which of the following countries has shut down its oldest remaining nuclear reactor, Grafenrheinfeld reactor, as part of a move to switch off all its nuclear plants by the end of 2022?
1) France     2) Japan
3) Norway     4) Germany
5) Italy     

Ques. : 7   India recalled its envoy Ravi Thapar from which of the following countries after his wife was accused of assaulting help recently?
1) South Korea     2) Australia
3) Sweden     4) New Zealand
5) South Africa     

Ques. : 8   The supreme court of which of the following countries, recently, ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the country?
1) Ireland     2) Argentina
3) Denmark     4) England
5) US     


1. Answer:- 1) India
2. Answer:- 1) Iceland
3. Answer:- 4) American Depository Receipts
4. Answer:- 3) United Bank of India
5. Answer:- 4) All the above
6. Answer:- 4) Germany
7. Answer:- 4) New Zealand
8. Answer:- 5) US

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