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In common terminology it is a story writing test. A candidate is shown a picture and he has to write a story on the picture. (In fact, there are 12 pictures including or excluding a blank picture). This test is based on the details of the pictures shown. A lot of details are created by a candidate on the basis of his own imagination. A problem, a difficult situation/ aim is visualized by a candidate and then the same is sorted out systematically by the central character (Hero) with or without the help of others. (But preferably with a group). Steps or action is taken by the central character to sort out the problem so visualized. It enables a candidate to show what he/she is. The hero/heroine represents the candidate as he/she is roughly of the same age and exactly of the sex as the candidate is. This test is generally given and interpreted by trained psychologists.


What was the back ground, i.e. what resulted into the situation shown in the picture. What was the situation like (as shown in the picture)And what it led to (conclusive manner in which the central character reacted to solve the situation by interpretting the details shown in the picture). This is indirect projection of the candidate personality through the hero/heroine created through imagination by the candidate.

What is essential for a good story
  • It is written in the past tense only to ensure that action was in fact  taken by the hero/heroine
    who  represents the candidate.
  • The hero/heroine is given a name, which is different in different stories.
  • Do not create a story leading to the life in army, navy and air force etc. unless the picture
    shown suggests it.
  • Always create risks and adventures which involve the Hero. But he/she is not shown as super-
  • That the main character is methodical, plans his/her actions and executes them to achieve
     what he/she   wants to.
  • Is ultimately successful in achieving what his/her aim is. He/she  doesn’t leave things half-done.

Some Examples are

Rajiv was going to his college with his friends. On the way he saw a crowd gathered around a person who was injured in an accident. Rajiv found that no one helped the injured person. He told his friends to stop  a passing by vehicle and requested the driver to carry the injuredto  the hospital. The doctor on duty was hesitant to treat the injuredbecause of issues. Rajiv assured him to help the injured to save hislife. He even searched the injured person’s pockets and found his
mobile, from which he got the number of his father. He also made the doctor speak to the father of the injured assuring him that the injured person work out of danger. Then the doctor treated the injured. Since the injury was not very serious. Rajiv went to college after the persons father arrived. In the evening, he visited the injured in the hospital and found that he was progressing well.

The hero feels responsible towards the injured, ensures that he and his group mates do the needful in such a situation. He does this work first and then goes to his college. He shows his desire to help the person, feels responsible at social level.  Is able to get the job done by the group, ensures that the person is all right. The action taken is systematic, though somewhat difficult, can convince the doctor to do the needful and ultimately the person is treated and saved.


Major Divya Prakesh was sleeping along with hia men in bunker on the LOC near china border.They were  attacked, taken prisoners and put in a camp by the chinese soldiers. However, Major Prakesh Prakash had already decided to escape from there. He along with his man started digging an under- ground tunnel from their quarters in the camp to outside the place. The work started and got completed undetected. Maj. Prakash then alerted his man to start evacuation. One by one, using the darkness as a cover, they escaped and lended outside the camp. They decided to move stealthily one by one and reach the other side of LOC. They did so. They were later helped by the Indian troops on the other side and reached their headquarters safely.


Major Prakesh shows a careless/casual attitude by sleeping in the bumker on border along with his man, instead of keeping a vigil. He is a wrong example to be followed by men.
Due to his easy going, coulden't careless nature he is attacked by the opponent by surprise and was taken as a prisoner. Because of his poor leadership his men also suffered. escape plan presented in his story is not realistic, and is wishful in nature. His enemy was more alert and aggressive where as he was casual and submissive. Low Reasoning Ability , Effective intelligence,
Sense of responsibility, Speed of decision, Self Confidence, Stamina. OVERALL- a bellow average story.


Priyanshu was a young officer incharge of a small post China border.While on a night watch he noticed that some Chinese soldiers were intruding across the border. He immidiately reported the matter to his seniors and also took prompt action to challenge the intruders with fire. His man were able to injure two chinese soldiers. Priyanshu and his man apperehended them and got them to the post and provided them medical help. Next day the Chinese side requested for a meeting. Priyanshu was instructed by his seniors to deal with chinese firmly. During the meeting he was able to convince the chinese officer to an agreement of non voilating the border in future in return of the chinese soldiers. Thereafter, there were no chinese instrusions across the border in that area.


Hero priyanshu has high self esteem and idea himself as an officer. He has positive aspirations. He is duty minded and was alert on his job. Shows High Sense of responsiblity he is quick, bold and courageous - displays dynnamism. Leads his man by example. He is intruders and is obedient to laws. He has ability to convince his counter part and physical stamina, and maint his composure. A Positive Certain Story.     


• A person in front of no vacancy board.
• A boy putting his hand on the shoulder of another boy.
• Some people going towards an old building.
• A woman playing cricket in play ground.
• A person swimming in a pool.
• A scene of Hindu marriage.
• A woman and child looking at a photograph of a uniformed person with a garland on it.
• Some people going up the mountain.
• A market scene.
• A girl and a doctor talking to her.
• A scene in a hospital.
• A person standing in front of a grave-yard.
• A Sikh officer shaking hands with a boy aged 17-18 years.
• A person addressing villagers.
• A boy looking out of a window.
• A number of boys around a notice-board.
• A boy on a motor bike.
• A man surrounded by a number of women.
• A boy teasing a girl in the street.

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