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You must check following before going for SSB:

1.   Height, Weight & Chest: All the required parameters of height, weight and chest are prescribed separately for male and female candidates. You are advised to check your physical parameters accordingly. For more details Click Help

Note:     Chest should be well formed and No deformity like pigeon chest should be there and expansion should be minimum 5cm.

2.   Ears: Get your ears cleaned and remove the wax. Get your ears checked for any perforations. You should not have any Hearing loss. One should hear a whisper at 600cms.

3.   Nose:      Check your nose for DNS and get it corrected if a DNS is noticed. There should be NO PERFORATION in septum.

4.   Dental points:

    A minimum of 14 dental points are required.
    There should be NO CAVITY.
    Get cavities permanently filled before medical
    Your gums should be healthy.
    Pyorrhea is a cause of rejection, so get it treated.

5.   Tounge: Clean tounge and remove any coatings to avoid foul breath.

6.   Tonsils: Should not be enlarged or be septic.

7.   Heart & Chest: There should be
    No Murmur.
    No Adventitious Sound in Heart/Chest
    No Congenial Heart Disease
    Normal Breathing Sound & Rhythm
    No Ranch/Crepts
    BP /120 / 80 mm of Hg.

8.   Abdominal Area

    Liver should not be enlarged
    No access fat on liver
    Gall Bladder & Spleen should not the palpable.
    No stones in Kidney, Ureter & Bladder

9.   Stomach & Duodenum and Intestines
    Active ulcers, congenial abnormalities and Gastritis
    Inflametory Bowel diseases
    Intestine malabsorption syndrome.
    Hepato-pancreato-Biliary tract.
    Viral hepatitis
    Persistent Anal Fissures & prolapses

10.   Blood

    Hemorrhagic Disorder
    Imuno deficiency

11.   Hands:

    No Sweaty Hand
    No tremors
    No deformity of fingers (Six fingers not allowed)
    No Cubitus valgus
    Any Fractures should have been treated and properly aligned.
    No RODS/ PLATES should be left in the body.
    Load bearing Angle should be checked.

12.   Legs:
    No Knock knee
    No flat feet
    No  sweaty feet
    No varicose veins

Lay length 99 120 cm
Thigh length less than 64 cm
Sitting length 81.5 96cms

13.   Eyes:
   Should be white
   Should move in all directions
   No Squint
   No colour or Night Blindness
   6/6  vision Without glasses, if glasses
o   NDA upto 2.5 Myopia
o   CDS upto 3.5 Myopia
   For laser/ lasile treatment in case of CDS only is permitted with same conditions. For more
    details look into the NOTIFICATION of your entry.

14.   Male Organs:
    No Hernia If operated, there should be 1 year gap.
    No Hydrocele
    No Varicocele
    No Phimosis
    Scrotum should have two testes, if one, thee get ultrasound done to locate the second 
    No Piles

15.   Females:

    Breasts should be well developed.
    No nodules/ Fibroadenom
    Regular Periods
    No menorrhagia/ Oligomenorrhoea/ Amenorrhea
    Ovaries in good condition

It is Advisable to get your medical examination done well in advance as most of the above problems can be correctable and once attended to, will avoid temporary/Permanant Medical Rejection.

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